Ultra-luxury cruise line, Seabourn, is famous for not just cruising – but helping you live your best life. An expedition cruise to the Arctic may sound remote from luxuries or celebrations, but it turns out that even at the earth’s poles, Seabourn creates moments that elevate already-extraordinary experiences into unforgettable memories of a lifetime.
Seabourn recently expanded its fleet, introducing two new kinds of ships: expedition ships, complete with expedition ‘toys’ that allow guests to explore the world from the sea in new ways: by submarine, zodiac, or kayak.
Aboard the Seabourn Venture during a summer cruise of Iceland and Greenland, we explored these two Arctic outposts at the edge of Europe during a ‘cultural expedition.’
Seabourn’s fun-filled version of a Bluenose Ceremony to induct guests and crew members into the small group of sailors worldwide to venture above the Arctic Circle by sea (watch me kiss a dead fish!);
A Polar Plunge into the iceberg-filled, sparkling seas of a bay in Greenland (Yes, it’s cold! But you’ll never regret daring yourself to seize the moment while you are at one of the earth’s poles);
How many different ways and places can you drink champagne? Seabourn keeps coming up with new ones, like:
It’s the only expedition cruise line whose submarines are fitted with champagne coolers; and
It finds excuses like zodiac tours of glistening bays filled with architectural and dramatic icebergs to set up a pop-up zodiac champagne bar!
And Seabourn’s legendary caviar service. The cruise line set the standard for complimentary caviar service, complete with mother-of-pearl spoons (so as not to taint the delicate flavor of caviar with a metal spoon), mini blinis and all the usual fixings like sour cream, grated hard-boiled egg yolks and whites, minced shallots and more. You can order caviar service just about any time, anywhere, on board any Seabourn ship. In any of the restaurants or lounges, or outdoor by the pool… or in your suite for a snack while you’re getting ready to go to dinner.
But Seabourn also makes caviar social, with caviar parties: during private beach parties, on ice and glaciers, and during our cruise, on deck as the Seabourn Venture held position opposite a magnificent tidewater glacier, with incredible icy-blue hues reflecting onto the deck as we celebrated our incredible privilege of having this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
With Seabourn and its crews’ dedication to making extraordinary moments stratospherically special, our Arctic expedition cruise went from height to height to height, taking our breath away and creating memories of a lifetime.
Video and story: Lynn Elmhirst cruise/ travel journalist and expert.
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