Why choose between a dip in the sea and basking in a resort pool? The Caribbean now has its first resort ocean pool that lets you do both at once. 
Tapping into saltwater sources for swimming pools is not exactly new. Over a hundred years ago, seaside communities, especially in Australia and also Europe, started tapping into the ocean to provide residents a way to cool off. 
Even on rocky shores, an ocean pool could provide a secure space and constantly refreshed water, with waves washing into a pool where swimmers could safely swim. In some places, ocean pools had the added benefit of providing a saltwater swimming environment free of sea life, in places where sharks were abundant in the open water, for example.
The concept of ocean pools has evolved into a luxury experience at stylish resorts – but it hadn’t made its way to the Caribbean until now. 
Wymara Resort and Villas on Turks and Caicos’ famous Grace Bay Beach has debuted a picture-perfect in-ocean pool inspired by the resort owner’s time in Australia and experiences with ocean pools there. They say it's the very first in the Caribbean islands.
At 130 ft long by 30 ft wide, the pool offers nearly 3,900 square feet of seawater swimming that’s equal parts in-ocean fresh and pool vibe.
The natural swimming pool, which gets replenished with fresh seawater from the Atlantic, is carved out of the shoreline’s coastal rock and lined by a timber deck that spans the entire length of the pool.
The high-style in-sea swimming pool features depths that rise and fall with the tide: a shallow end that is 3 to 5 feet deep if the tide is in or out, and a deep end that plunges 6 to 9 feet, with a soft, sandy bottom throughout. 
It’s like the ultimate infinity pool, where the pool’s invisible seaside edge genuinely does flow right into its surroundings.
That’s not the only thing that makes it essential for your social media postings: this aquatic oasis is surrounded by a minimalist, elegant lounge area, complete with a refreshment bar, stylish loungers and umbrellas for shade.
The in-ocean pool’s lounge is fringed with manicured lawns, palm trees, and is adjacent to the Turks and Caicos’ renowned brilliant white sands and turquoise, crystal-clear waters. From a lounger or while lazing in the pool, guests enjoy spectacular views of the bay and up the cliffs.
From the in-ocean pool, it’s just a stroll to the Wymara’s one, four, and five-bedroom villas along what the resort is calling “Sunset Cove Beach.”

The first in-ocean pool in the Caribbean adds to the region’s collection of high-design, can’t-miss resort pools that transform your tropical resort vacation into poolside memories of a lifetime.
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Images courtesy of Wymara Resort and Villas
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